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Electric Vehicle Carshare

Offer shared electric vehicles anywhere

Sway's Carshare as a Service platform makes it easy to create a boutique carshare offering that meets your unique needs.


Whether you are looking to deploy a single car at an apartment, hotel, or office building – or dozens of cars across a city, Sway makes it easy for you to set up a carshare program through our turnkey subscription service.

The Sway platform includes:

  • Custom branded electric vehicle

  • Insurance coverage

  • Branded mobile application

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance

  • Member services and support

  • Back-office billing and administration

  • Data and reporting

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The Sway platform has been developed to meet the diverse needs of cities, neighborhoods, businesses and more. Our suite of solutions includes:

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Offer carshare in your city, as a program for your school, business, or organization, or as an amenity for your tenants, employees, or guests.
Our platform helps you distinguish your property or business while reducing costly parking demand and helping users lower the cost of transportation.

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Use our platform to manage your corporate or municipal fleet.


Increase vehicle utilization and reduce costs while making it easier for your employees to access vehicles with scheduling and keyless entry. And, track usage through advanced telematics.   

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Over the past two decades, communities around the world have benefitted from access to shared mobility. Short-term car rental, or carshare, is one of the best ways to address a growing list of global challenges that are the unintended consequence of personal vehicle ownership.

Carshare can help you increase the quality and marketability of your property, business, or organizations programming while also having a positive impact on:

  • The rise in parking demand

  • The increase in congestion and accidents on roadways

  • Growing greenhouse gas emissions and PM2.5

  • The high costs of equitable transportation

  • Ongoing infrastructure costs



Personal vehicles removed from the road for every carshare vehicle.


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for every carshare car on the road.


Reduction in vehicle miles traveled for every carshare car on the road.


Average yearly savings for drivers who use carshare versus owning their own car.


3YR cost savings by providing  one carshare car and eliminating the need for 10 parking spaces in a new garage.


There's no question that electric vehicles are where the industry is headed. And from a sustainability perspective, nothing else would make much sense.

EVs also cost less to operate, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. While the price of gas fluctuates daily, electricity prices are much more stable over time. And electricity is much less expensive than gas as a per-mile operating cost.


Furthermore, maintenance is about one-third the cost of an internal combustion engine since there so few moving parts in an electric motor and there's no need to deal with things like oil changes, spark plugs, and starters.


Wondering if we are just replacing gas with electricity from coal plants? We don't. We buy Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset any electricity that isn't already generated by a renewable resource.

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If you want to learn more or start offering car share to your tenants, employees or members, please send us a message and we will set up a time to talk further.
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