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Fees And Fines

You don’t want to pay fees, and we don’t want to charge them. Please adhere to the terms and conditions and we'll all be happy.

Use of the vehicle is subject to the Terms and Conditions and the following fees and fines. All are subject to applicable taxes.

Cost (USD)
Terms of Service Violation
Violating provisions in the Terms of Service (e.g., speed, behavior), may include termination from program
Vehicle not plugged into charger and/or actively charging
If the booking is ended and the vehicle is not actively charging
Return to Incorrect Location
$100 plus travel costs
If a vehicle is not returned to its assigned location this fee plus any associated costs will be charged
Application Fee
$14.50 for Ohio; $15.50 for Michigan; other states vary based on costs
Cost to process motor vehicle record check
Mileage Fee
Mileage over 25 miles/hour of rental (prorated for fractional hours)
Cancellation Fee
Up to amount of time reserved
You can cancel a reservation up to an hour prior to your reserved rental period, otherwise you will be charged the full rental amount
Late Return
$50 per hour
If you fail to return the car to its designated space prior to your rental period ending; Inconvenience Fee may also apply
Inconvenience Fee
If your actions inconvenience another member, such as by being late or returning with a low charge
Unauthorized Driver
Account Termination plus costs
If an authorized driver allows an unauthorized driver to operate the vehicle
Low Charge
If you return the vehicle with less than 20% battery charge
Declined Credit Card Payment
Plus actual amount owed
Excessive Cleaning
Minimum $50 (actual cost + 10%)
Cleaning beyond typical, for example: mud, sand, stains, pet hair, items left in vehicle
$100 plus costs
No smoking or vaping of any kind allowed in any vehicle
Unsecured Pet Violation
Pets allowed only in approved carriers
Unauthorized Parking
$50 plus costs
Parking in an unauthorized location
$150 plus costs
If the vehicle needs to be towed or is impounded; costs include towing fees, storage, citation, etc.
Roadside Service
$50 plus costs
Roadside Service required due to driver error or negligence, such as running out of charge
Loss of Revenue
Up to $100/day
If the vehicle needs to be removed from service
$30 plus costs
Processing fee plus costs of ticket/violation/citation
$25 plus costs
Processing fee for tolls not paid when incurred
Unlocked/Unsecured Vehicle
Vehicle left unlocked, windows down, tailgate open, etc.
Drained Battery
Lights left on, door open, end rental error, etc.
Up to $2,500
Actual cost of damages plus $100 administrative fee up to insurance deductible of $2,500; additional liability and damage costs may be applicable, see Insurance
Abandoned Vehicle
$250 plus $5 per mile
If the vehicle is left in any location that is not its assigned space where it was picked up
Vehicle Tampering
Account Termination plus costs
Any unauthorized contact with or modification to the vehicle or the carsharing technology
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