Offer shared electric vehicles at your multi-family property, office building, hotel, or in your community.

Sway's Carshare as a Service platform makes it easy to offer carshare as an amenity, employee benefit, or community asset.


Over the past two decades, communities around the world have benefitted from carsharing. It's one of the best ways to address a growing list of global challenges.

Carsharing can help you increase the quality and marketability of your property, business, or neighborhood while also having a positive impact on:

  • The rise in parking demand

  • An increase in congestion and accidents on roadways

  • Growing greenhouse gas emissions and PM2.5

  • The high costs of equitable transportation

  • Ongoing infrastructure costs


The Sway platform has been developed to meet the diverse needs of cities, neighborhoods, businesses and more. Our suite of programs includes:

Public Carshare

Increase mobility options for your community. Setup a publicly available carshare program in your neighborhood, city, or region.  

Private Carshare

Offer carshare as an ammentity for your tenants, employees, or students. Private carshare is a way to provide an exclusive mobility solution.   

Fleet Sharing

Use our platform to manage your corporate or municipal fleet. Increase vehicle utilization and reduce costs while making it easier for your employees to access vehicles.   

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