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2021 August Driver Update

Thank you for joining the EV carshare program and to the many of you who have helped with feedback to improve the program. We have a few quick updates:

1. Terms of Service: Occasionally we have updates to the terms of service and we’re letting you know there are a few new items. It’s a good idea to review them periodically regardless as there are many helpful reminders. One new one to note is a prohibition against changing any of the vehicle settings aside from radio station and temperature.

2. Bolt Recall: Sway’s EV carshare programs use the Chevrolet Bolt and most vehicles are model year 2020 or newer. You may have seen in the news that out of an abundance of caution the manufacturer has issued a battery recall, which means it has identified an issue and is working to correct it. Eventually the batteries that power the car are expected to be replaced, but in the meantime Sway is following the recall advice and the cars will remain available.

Part of the recall advice is to limit the cars to 90% charge (which has or will be implemented shortly) and ideally that the cars not go below 70 miles of range. Please continue to plug in the car and start the charger just as you always have, and if you’re using a car and there is less than 70 miles of range we ask that you plug it in to increase the range to return with 70 miles remaining. If you need to use a charger outside of the carshare network and there is a fee to do so, Sway will reimburse reasonable costs. Just complete this form or contact Sway Support.

3. Fees and Fines: In addition to the Terms of Service, we ask that you also review the Fees and Fines schedule so you are aware of any additional potential costs. Keep in mind that carshare is not the same as car rental - there is not someone who cleans out the car after every trip. So it is up to you to return the car clean and in a condition that you would expect to find it at the start of your trip. Cleaning fees start at $50 so please take a few minutes to make sure everything is out of the car, there is not sand or other excess dirt in the car, and that the charger card is in the driver’s door holder. You can usually find vacuums at a local car wash to use if needed. For example, in Oberlin there is a car wash with vacuums on Main Street near the Walmart if you need to clean out the car before returning it.

4. Excess Miles: The carshare program includes 25 miles (or 41 kilometers) per hour of rental for most programs, with additional miles being shown in the final receipt. Please plan your trip accordingly and we encourage you to use a mapping program (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze) that can show you the distance and timing of your trip. Use the included cable in the center console to display the maps through Apple Carplay or Android Auto on the car’s center screen.

Thank you again and please contact us at with any questions or concerns. Safe driving!


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